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High-quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

An oil made exclusively from a selection of the best olives from our farms, of the Manzanilla variety, an authentic juice from healthy olives that is completely natural, agreeable to the palate and includes all of the nutritional elements of the best olive oils.

Furthermore, thanks to its low percentage of saturated fats, it helps digestion, as well as being beneficial for our bodies in many other ways.

Nuestros aceites participan en la Feria Ecológica NATEXPO, Paris

Entrevista a Fernando Bonilla en la revista Almaceite

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Hacienda Los Horgazales en Andalucía Directo


Worlds of Flavor 2018

This week Hacienda Los Horgazales took part in the “Worlds of Flavor” fair that took place in Napa Valley (California), between the 18th and 20th of April, promoting our oil in a country where Andalusian products enjoy ever-increasing acceptance.